How Digital Marketing Is Influencing Real Estate Industry-Statistics of Real Estate

How-Digital-Marketing-Is-Influencing-Real-Estate-Industries-Statistics Of Real Estate
How-Digital-Marketing-Is-Influencing-Real-Estate-Industries-Statistics Of Real Estate

Statistics: Digital Marketing for Real Estate

How digital marketing is influencing Real Estate Industry, some statistics to let you know:

1. 80% of all home buyers are searching in Google and Bing

A large amount of the buyers is looking online for their future homes and they want to know about every possible detail about the home before they really see it.

2. 85% of home buyers see pictures of the property online

Well, visual culture is on in social media. Buyers are spending the majority of their time in researching and wish to see or take a virtual tour of the homes. For instance, has started walkthroughs of homes.

3. 52% of the prospects used an iPhone in their home search

Mobile is most important and optimizing your mobile presence is essential. If a user will land on your site and find it too clumsy to navigate from their mobile phone, they most likely will discard your name.

4. 49% of the leads come via referrals

It is important to build yourself and your company as a brand from the time when there is so much to gain from own referrals and earlier clients who send their friends to you.

5. 91% realtors used Social Media

Social media, life form a free marketing tool for realtors is utilized by the majority of the agents and companies.

6. 35% of the buyers buying for the first time are researching online

It is recommended that once you get settled into creating an optimized online presence. Also, try your hand at creating some content make ready towards first-time buyers.

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