How To Increase Website Traffic:(for FREE)

Free Website Traffic

You may already know about how to design your website or blog to get fresh content, title and meta tags with keyword-rich contents. For example, for my website, my title is “Best How To Make Money Online”, meta tags I place “create money working for Google, earn money with Google, making money with Google AdSense, etc.”

Some public spend tons of dollars to advertise on Google AdWords or Yahoo Searches, I want to demonstrate you free tips for getting website traffic without costing you a cent.

  1. Submit your website or blog to search engines. Don’t submit too many times a month because you may get banned from it. Some of well-liked search engines you may submit to are: Google, MSN,Yahoo, AOL and so on. You can search on Google to get more search engines. Working online for Google and other affiliates require your endurance, diligence, and time.
  2. Submit your website or blog to link directories. These web directories you can find either online or at forums like Digital Point forum. create short titles before you submit. For example, I create a title for my site to submit to link directories as “How To Make Money Online”.
  3. Submit your website or blog to social networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Mixx, etc. Don’t submit a lot of links on one of your site to these social networking sites a day, you may get banned.
  4. write down articles and submit them to article directories. You will get at least 2 or 3 links in the author’s  area.
    Update your blog or website with fresh content/pages at least weekly. Search engines like fresh content.

These are free ways to get traffic to my websites blogs, and other webmasters might have some other ways. That is how I did every day, week, month, year to get traffic on my sites. Remember, you can’t get traffic at once. It takes time, diligence and hard work when you work online from home.

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